Parents Corner

Frequently Asked Questions

We provided 1 to 1 class and it means 100% attention and commitment your children will have during the class. It improves and accelerates learning skills of students much faster.

We have on hand experience of Ontario curriculum and years of teaching experience with students and we provide learning materials free of cost and it will save you upfront cost of books. Once a student is enrolled, we take the ownership of the student’ progress.

it’s very reasonable and its customized according to your needs and requirements. Please call for further details

Classes are held online and we use zoom platform to take the class and we also arrange classes according to the convenience of the students either at the library or at the students’ residence.

Once a month parents are notified and one to one feedback is given to parents about the in class progress of the students.

We offer homework support for daily class, revision course for Exam preparation, remedial course for students who have SLD (specific learning disabilities). We teach students of Grade II to XII (Math and English). At the same time we also offer customized program for college and university students of Business courses. The main objective is to accelerate their learning skills and help them to have a better grasp of the course and learning materials in the class. 

Yes they can. We offer exam revision package of 12 hours for each subject to revise and prepare for the exam.

Yes, we do the assessment for students if requested by the parents and it’s not free. There will be $30 charge for the assessment.

Testimony of our parents

I was looking for a tutor who was able to provide the explanations rather than the answers and someone who my children likes. Jamal fits the requirements.
Mr. Jamal is my son's Math and English tutor who is very knowledgeable and exxplains complex topics in a easily understandable manner. His explanations make sense and make difficult topics more easy to understand and clearer. Mr. Jamal is very professional, enlightening, insightful, and adaptable/receptive to individual student needs. He knows how to get you on the right track. Mr. Jamal helped my son find his weaknesses right away in his first lesson. He was also very upfront about what we needed to change with my son's study plan. As a parent I will continue working with him and I would highly recommend him.
Jamal is a very good tutor. He helped my daughter veronika for about 8 months knowing that she knew the basic of math and she only knew how to count . With his tutoring skills he brings students to the point of clear understanding and he knows his ways how to explain and makes students understand. I will recommend him to any parents whose children are weak. Thanks Jamal.